Henley Women's Regatta

Friday 19th - Sunday 22nd June 2015Henley Womens Rowing

The Henley Women’s Regatta is now the largest regatta for women in the UK and 2nd largest in the world. It attracts over a thousand competitive women to Temple Island Meadows every year along with spectators and the crews friends and families.

Crews come from all over the world and its international reputation has meant it has grown significantly since it first started in 1988, when Tom Copas first offered Remenham Farm & Temple Island Meadows as their venue.

With stunning views of the River Thames, Ample parking and superb access to the river. The HWR (Henley Women's Regatta) jumped at the chance and so The Regatta began.

It provides a fantastic atmosphere for the women rowing, and is a friendly relaxed event allowing for brilliant results. The event is a public event so please come along with your family and friends to watch some fantastic Women's rowing from the riverbank.


Facilities at Temple Island Meadows, Remenham Farm

Food & Beverages

Food Court with a riverside beer garden
Open from 10:30am
Offering a wide selection of scrumptious lunches, salads & burgers, delectable afternoon tea along with snacks and a full bar to quench your thirst.

Car Parking
Competitor Parking is located at Gate B. For more information please click here
Spectator Parking is located at Gate B. For more information visit FAQ

Showboat/Trade Stand Enquiries
Please click here for all trade stand enquiries. Please note all applications must be sent to Henley Women’s Regatta directly.

Whilst we do not provide camping on site at Temple Island meadows there are some local alternatives available at Hurley Campsite and Swiss Farm Campsite

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